Smart Approaches to Marijuana | DMV Spotlight with Barbara Britt

DMV Spotlight on 10-30-22 shines a light on Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a non-profit founded by Patrick Joseph Kennedy is s bi-partisan partnership that works on the policy level to decrease marijuana use.

Guest, Heidi Rochon is Director of the Parent Action Network , a part of SAM , that deals directly with parents whose children have become addicted to pot or have used the drug as a pathway to other drugs and become addicted. Rochon outlines the concerns and objections to Question 4 on the Maryland Ballot that would legalize marijuana. A recent poll by the University of Maryland and the Washington Post found that the majority of Maryland voters support marijuana legalization. Rochon contends there is a distinction between decriminalizing marijuana possession which SAM supports and legalizing or commercializing pot.

To learn more about Smart Approaches to Marijuana, click here.