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Welcome to the The Sports Capitol’s DMV Spotlight!  Here you’ll find featured local stories from the DC, Maryland, and Virigina area that inform, enlighten, and inspire you.  Check back here for weekly content, and if you have a story you would like to see featured, send us an email!


DMV Spotlight on 10.20.19 on Nourish Now

DMV Spotlight on 10.20.19 shines a light on Nourish Now, a local non-profit with a unique approach to tackle two big social issues: food waste and hunger. Nourish Now founder and Executive Director, Brett Meyers says the approach is ‘food with dignity’. Nourish Now collects food from local restaurants and grocery stores and even Nats…MORE


DMV Spotlight on 10.13.2019 on DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

DMV Spotlight on 10.13.2019 shines a light on October’s as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Guest Dawn Dalton, Deputy Director of the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence discussed the various organizations in the DMV area that provide help and assistance of domestic violence. Dalton also shared details on taking action to help victims of domestic violence…MORE

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DMV Spotlight on 10.9.2019 on the Alzheimer’s Association

​DMV Spotlight this week on ESPN 630, The Sports Capitol, shines a light on the Alzheimer’s Association.  Guest Ana Nelson, Vice President of Programs and Services with the Alzheimer’s Association National Capital Area provided information about dementia illnesses including Alzheimer’s as well as what is ‘normal aging. She also stressed the need for more research dollars and the role…MORE


DMV Spotlight on 9.29.2019 on National Harbor Burger Week-Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

DMV Spotlight on ESPN 630, The Sports Capitol, this week shines a light on Make-A-Wish Mid -Atlantic Fundraiser at National Harbor Burger Week. Guests Deborah Topcik, marketing director at National Harbor and Lesli Creedon, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish talked about the fundraising partnership.  Topcik explained special restaurant deals from Sept 30th to Oct 6th, 2019 at National Harbor with…MORE


DMV Spotlight on Food for Others on 9.22.2019 DMV Spotlight shines a light on Food for Others that provides food to tens of thousands of people in Northern Virginia who go hungry. Annie Turner, Executive Director of Food for Others described efforts to distribute food from the non-profit’s warehouse as well as 16 neighborhood distribution centers across Northern Virginia. Turner also described the…MORE


DMV Spotlight on 9.15.2019 on Chesapeake Bay Program

  DMV Spotlight on 9.15.2019 on  the Chesapeake Bay Program highlights the on-going efforts to clean and protect the Chesapeake Bay. Guest Rachel Felver, Communications Director of the Chesapeake Bay Program with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay talks about the health of the Bay using various indicators used to calculate the Bay restoration,  including bay grasses, oysters…MORE

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DMV Spotlight on 9.8.2019 on the Georgetown Pivot Program

  DMV Spotlight on 9.8.2019 is highlighting the Georgetown Pivot Program that allows formerly incarcerated DC residents to be chosen for a Georgetown fellowship to earn a non-credit bearing certificate in Business and Entrepreneurship. Guest Pietra Rivoli, Professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and Executive Director of the Georgetown Pivot Program explained the…MORE


DMV Spotlight on DC School Choices on 8.25.2019

    DMV Spotlight on 8.25.2019 on DC School Choices delves into the options parents in and near the District of Columbia have to choose schools for their children. Guest, Dr. Jessica Sutter, DC State Board of Education member for Ward 6 outlined the differences between DC Public school options and DC Charter school options…MORE


DMV Spotlight on 8.18.2019 on the Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network

DMV Spotlight on 8.18.2019  highlights a new initiative at the National Institute on Drug Abuse to improve Opioid addiction treatment in criminal  justice settings. Dr. Tisha Wiley, who heads up the ‘Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network ‘(JCOIN) at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, explains 12 grants  have been awarded  to support research on quality addiction treatment for Opioid Use…MORE