Caleb Williams’ dad weighs in on tanking, latest on the Commanders, Mike Lombardi joins the show | The Bram Weinstein Show

Bram starts the show talking about Caleb Williams’ father on him possibly going back to school if the #1 pick situation isn’t to their liking.

(24:17) The Cardinals haven’t named a QB, but reports do.

(35:43) Some baseball storylines, including one with Trea Turner that timed out perfectly.

(46:19) Sam Howell was ranked…33?! best QB by the Ringer. Bram and Callow tear the list apart. Plus some Vegas favorites around the league.

(1:04:34) Former NFL Exec Mike Lombardi joins the show to talk about what Deion Sanders’s has accomplished, his thoughts on Commanders ownership, stadium and more.

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