Rui Hachimura traded to LA, NFL Championship weekend is set | The Bram Weinstein Show

Bram Weinstein starts the show talking a little Wizards as Rui Hachimura was moved to the Lakers today for some 2nd round picks. Why the Wizards are just continually spinning their wheels – and how this is an example of that. Then Bram jumps in the NFL slate over the weekend: How the Eagles remain dominant, the Cowboys shortcomings in San Francisco, plus the Bengals just rolling the Bills. (49:58) There’s a report that Jeff Bezos could spin off the Washington Post to buy the Washington Commanders. Bram runs through why he doesn’t think that’s the case and if there’s really a beef between him and Dan Snyder. (1:04:56) There was an unfortunate on-air incident in DC when it came to a non-sports anchor trying to do sports. Bram and Mike Callow couldn’t resist diving in.

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