Joe & Amber

Daily Wager host and contributor Joe Fortenbaugh and ESPN radio host and practicing attorney Amber Wilson – who both previously hosted local radio shows in San Francisco (2014-20) and Miami (2016-21), respectively. Fortenbaugh and Wilson will bring their expert perspectives to all the night’s events with a lean into all the sports betting angles, playing off Fortenbaugh’s role across other ESPN platforms.

Joe & Amber set the table for your night in sports with lively opinions and an in-depth look into the top betting lines you’ll need. Amber is no rookie when it comes to presenting her case, and Joe has you covered for an in-depth look at where to find an edge in the betting markets. Your weeknights just got smarter, with Joe & Amber.

Listen to Joe & Amber live weekdays at 7pm – 9pm ET. on ESPN 630 AM and the ESPN 630 app.